Understand what’s happening in your classroom or support organisational change!

LoopMe is an innovative IT tool that through reflection helps you understand the why and how of learning in your classroom or if the change that you want to see in your organisation truly happens.

What is LoopMe?

LoopMe can be used in a variety of ways for any kind of environment where you want to affect change: in teaching, organisational change management or in policy making.

To understand the why and how of change happening, LoopMe can give you instant insights into the impact of your activities and help you understand which adjustment may be necessary.



Reflections are shared instantly by students or staff.


Staff are accountable for participating in change projects.


Comment on reflections in real-time.


Easily handle hundreds of reflections.

Bantani & LoopMe

Bantani partners with LoopMe to help you make a change. We can help you make the most of LoopMe in the following ways.

Getting Started: an introductory analysis and training to help you understand what the tool can do and how to make the most of it.

Support: support and development of your use of LoopMe.

Evaluation: understand what evaluation options LoopMe holds for you and how to use its data.

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